Offshore Manager is a comprehensive online collaboration tool for all aspects off Offshore Wind Park work. It contains a lean and efficient solution out of the box which is saving you significant resources in the erecting, commissioning and operations of your Wind Park

Pandora-ICT GmbH supply maritime solutions for safer and more efficient operations of offshore wind farms. The hub in our solution is the Offshore Manager which is including a traffic display solution, Permit to Work, Asset Management, Availability Forecasting, Offshore Personnel Tracking System, as well as an advanced Mobile Work Order Solution.

Our solution has been supplied to customer projects since 2002 and Pandora-ICT GmbH is well positioned to deliver solutions in a global market. The company is currently experiencing a growing demand from European offshore markets.



Availability forecasting

Turbine and park availability forecasting for direct marketing and grid operator according to ENTSO-E rules


Permit to work tool

Including Traffic Monitoring and collaboration between all contractors


People tracking

Online monitoring off all people and work activities


Asset Management

Manage and maintain your wind park assets


employee scheduling

Detailed planning solution for all onshore and offshore activities


mobile device support

Supports all standard mobile devices with online and offline features


As a leading integrated information technology solutions and software services provider, we offer world class IT solutions and high-quality services that enable large, as well as small to medium, organizations to keep up to date with the fast-evolving competitive business environment. We are technology pioneers with decades of experience in Europe with a long, proven and successful track record. Our portfolio includes core industry solutions, such as control systems, information system solutions as well as industry-agnostic solutions, such as enterprise integration, infrastructure solutions, infrastructure support services, IT operations and administration outsourcing as well as managed services.

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Key Advantages

One Stop Shop

For all requirements of managing an offshore wind installation including scheduling and permit system.

Total Control

Of all activities in the wind park including logistics, marine traffic, work order and maintenance management.

Collaboration Tool

So that owners, subcontractors and offshore staff can work together in one platform.

Offline Support

Mobile Phone Applications which is also available when there is no Internet connection available.


About Us

We founded our offshore ICT business to bring our exceptional knowledge and experience delivering complex ICT solutions to clients both in the onshore and offshore market. Together, our founders have over decades of experience managing projects and delivering results in the offshore and ICT industry. We have worked for transmission and distribution utilities, renewable energy producers and for government institutions. Drawing from our long history of successful projects we can help you implement the right ICT applications for the success of your business, both on land and in the sea.